KTC Edibles Launches Premio Italian Lard

December 22, 2022

KTC Edibles has launched Premio Italian Lard, a brand-new, luxury Italian lard.


KTC Edibles has launched Premio Italian Lard, a brand-new, luxury Italian lard – offering food manufacturers across the UK a new premium option for bakery, frying and roasting.

Premio Italian Lard is made in the traditional Italian way, from pigs fed on a varied diet of grain, cereals, acorns and whey. This diet produces a high-quality lard that is smooth in consistency with a lower melting curve – making it an excellent solution for pastries and pies which benefit from the rich, creamy texture.

This is an exciting addition to the UK’s oil and fats market, which currently lacks choice when it comes to premium, value-for-money Italian lard which can be used in the manufacture of a wide range of food products.  

Gary Lewis, Chief Commercial Officer at KTC, said:

“We are delighted to extend our range once again with the addition of Premio Italian Lard. The market has been crying out for competition in the space, and we’ve developed a fantastic product that delivers on quality, performance and price.”

Premio Italian Lard is manufactured from healthy pigs raised in the EEC and slaughtered in EEC-approved meat processing plants. Solid at room temperature, it offers a neutral odour and flavour.

The latest addition to the company’s growing range of high quality edible oils and fats, it joins a number of other lards and beef drippings in the KTC range – including the UK’s first and only Halal beef dripping launched in 2022.

In addition to animal fats, KTC Edibles offers a wide selection of sustainably sourced vegetable oils, as well as the popular Super Hi Fry range of high performance frying blends.  

Founded in 1972, KTC Edibles employs more than 410 people across two UK sites in Wednesbury and Liverpool. The company supplies more than 250m litres of cooking oils to customers of all sizes across the UK food industry each year. All the palm oil supplied by KTC is RSPO certified sustainable.

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