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At KTC, we strive to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of business ethics.

We recognise that our business and supply chain have a social and environmental impact – and are continually looking for ways to improve and develop our processes for the benefit of the global community.

Sustainability and sustainable palm oil are a real priority, and our commitment runs through the supply chain – from the farms and plantations, to manufacturing and delivery.

Palm Oil

We are committed to playing our part in making sustainable palm oil the norm. This commitment includes:

  • To continue to be a supply chain certified RSPO member

  • To take up the challenge of the RSPO Shared Responsibility Initiative launched in November 2019 by increasing the amount of RSPO CSPO sold by KTC to 100% by 2022

  • To continue to offer Identity Preserved Segregated and Mass Balance supply chain options for palm oil

  • To ensure where RSPO CSPO is not available our suppliers can supply palm oil under a no deforestation, no peatland, no exploitation policy

  • To have traceability back to 100% of the mills used in our supply chain

  • To increase our traceability back to plantation from 23% to 50% within the next 12 months

Other Oils

We recognise that there are sustainability issues surrounding the farming of all oil crops. We look to actively promote sustainable practice across all our suppliers.


KTC Edibles Ltd. holds an extensive range of accreditations related to quality and environmental practice.

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