planet palm

People. Planet. Palm. 

Palm oil can be a force for good. That’s why we created Planet Palm. 

Planet Palm is a new range of certified sustainable, traceable and responsibly sourced palm oil products from KTC designed for bakery and food manufacturers in the UK.

We’re here to challenge negative misconceptions about palm oil. 

Palm is the world’s most efficient vegetable oil crop. And by choosing Planet Palm, you’re making a responsible choice by using sustainably sourced palm oil in your business. 

All products are RSPO certified segregated sustainable, offering traceability back to the refinery. 

Join us on the journey and support more responsible and sustainable palm oil production. 

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RSPO Certified Sustainable Segregated Palm Oil

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First UK Company to Sign Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto 

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Traceable and Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil

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Positioning Palm Oil as a Positive Product 


Partners and Accreditations

We've teamed up with businesses and groups that share our dedication to sustainability and sustainable palm oil at every step, from farms to production and delivery.


All of DAABON’s certified sustainable palm oil is organic, while all their farms, mills and other facilities are accredited by RSPO and POIG amongst many other bodies. 

With DAABON palm oil, you know exactly what you are getting and where it comes from: traceable, organic and deforestation-free palm oil produced in Colombia with respect to the planet, people and wildlife.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Founded in 2004, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has a simple aim: building a sustainable palm oil industry. They’re transforming the sector by bringing together stakeholders across the supply chain to develop and implement global standards for producing and sourcing certified sustainable palm oil. 

Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto 

The Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto is endorsed by 13 companies and organisations including DAABON, KTC, WWF and Alliance for the Preservation of Forests. Its aim is to create a healthy planet and provide sustainable global socio-economic development for future generations. 

The Manifesto is founded upon three guiding principles:

  • Build traceable and transparent supply chains.
  • Accelerate the journey to no deforestation through the conservation of high carbon stock (HCS) forests and the protection of peat areas regardless of depth.
  • To increase the focus on driving beneficial economic change and to ensure a positive social impact on people and communities.

Learn more about Sustainable Palm Oil 

To learn about sustainable palm oil and your options, visit this helpful resource from Chester Zoo, which documents their nearly ten-year commitment to sustainability.

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