KTC Launches Super Southern Fry

February 18, 2022

Super Southern Fry is the latest addition to our growing range of sustainably sourced, long life frying oils.


This month, we’ve launched Super Southern Fry – a new, high performance, heavy duty frying oil designed specifically with fast food outlets in mind. 

Super Southern Fry is a blend of responsibly sourced, RSPO certified segregated palm oil and palm stearin, and rapeseed oil – specially formulated for chicken shops and high street fast food outlets. 

Super Southern Fry offers improved frying performance and extended lifespan, especially when cooking deep frying coated foods like fried chicken. It’s designed to enable heavy duty fryers, such as independent fast food outlets, to fry for longer between oil changes, cutting oil use, reducing waste and saving money. 

Gary Lewis, Head of Business Development for Oils and Fats at KTC, said:

“Super Southern Fry is the perfect solution for busy chicken shops. It’s a high-performance oil that lasts more than twice as long as standard vegetable frying oil. This cuts down on oil changes and reduces oil use – which directly translates into less cleaning and reduced waste. The result is significant savings in terms of time, effort and cost. 

“In terms of performance, the neutral flavour profile of the blend lets the ingredients speak for themselves, so fryers can deliver consistently crispy and delicious food for longer and at a competitive price point.”

Super Southern Fry is the latest addition to our growing Super Hi-Fry range of sustainably sourced, long life vegetable frying oils. The range also includes Super Hi-Fry for medium duty frying, and Super Plus Hi-Fry for heavy duty use – and the company is investing heavily in developing additional products for specialist food service applications, which are planned for launch in 2022. 

All Super Hi-Fry oils are created with sustainability in mind, and use responsibly sourced ingredients, including RSPO certified, segregated sustainable palm oil. 

Founded in 1972, KTC Edibles employs more than 275 people across two UK sites in Wednesbury and Liverpool. The company supplies more than 250m litres of cooking oils to customers of all sizes across the UK food industry each year. In 2022, all the palm oil supplied by KTC will be RSPO certified sustainable. 

For additional information about Super Southern Fry, the Super Hi Fry range and other high performance frying oils from KTC, please get in touch today

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